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What Kind Of Voice Do You Have?

One of the most commonly asked questions that I get asked by a new students is “what kind of singer am i?” The fact of the matter is that nobody is born with one particular sounding style. Your individual sound and style develops over time and is of course influenced by the music that you listen to. This means, that you can sing multiple styles with different techniques. But what tends to happen is that we categorise ourselves as “belters”, “mixers” or “chesters“ etc. Truth is, that with correct training and understanding of technique EVERYONE can learn to sing in multiple styles. It’s important to know you range and chose appropriate songs within it, but don’t box yourself in because it may be for “tenor” or “soprano”. Range extension is possible and necessary to remain competitive. Belters can mix and mixers can belt. The challenge is getting really good at doing both. When last did you take a singing lesson?‪#‎vocalcoachsa‬ ‪#‎pushingthepassion‬

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