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Taking a Singing Class Online

Hey friends! I wrote a little list here for singers who are looking at trying a class online. Here’s what I’ve learnt this past week.

After listening to podcasts, reading blogs, observing it happen in person, being the singer on the one side and now a coach on the other - here’s what I know: There are massive advantages to singing online and it’s absolutely worth trying!

From a technical perspective the best platform to use (in SA) is first FaceTime, then Zoom, then Skype. The advantage of using Zoom is that you can improve the audio in settings if the quality of sound isn’t great and you don’t have a good connection.

The biggest disadvantage (and blood pressure raiser for most people) is the audio delay that happens when you sing and play online, BUT this also has some major advantages.

First big advantage:

Ear training! Online class is a hidden gem! During an online session, if I play you a scale, you then have to sing it back to me a capella. Switch the scales to minors or a pentatonic and even the best ears start to sweat slightly. With no piano to hide under, it’s a wonderful way to get your ear and voice in sync. (It also is a big confidence builder!)

Advantage number 2:

I've found that singers who struggle with their confidence, specifically when singing high, all of a sudden end up singing their “scary high notes” with so much ease. Why? Because they can’t see my hands move slowly up the keyboard. If you don’t have perfect pitch you won’t always know exactly what note we’re on- so your brain can’t get in the way to tell you “stop it’s too high!” It’s brilliant. People are singing higher happier!

Advantage number 3:

As much as I think I’m pretty good at being able to play, listen and watch at the same time, things absolutely get missed. But now, I get to only look and listen- I get a unique opportunity to pay 100% attention to the little physical gremlins that get in the way of you singing freely. It’s been great fun (mostly for me, not the singer) as I catch them out with the smallest of dodgy muscular activities that come hand in hand with the art form.

Advantage 4:

On platforms like Zoom and Skype you can video record the whole thing. Which I admit is also partly terrifying, because if you think hearing yourself in your voice recorder was hard, brace yourselves for the visual! This being said, it’s a fantastic way to observe what you look like singing. And after a few classes, you will be able to watch back, and SEE the improvement for yourselves. Go team!


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