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Nerve Aids 101

With more exciting auditions coming up, here are some quick tips to help you keep your nerves under control! The first tip cannot be over stated enough. It’s extremely important and genuinely helps: 1) BREATHE 2) If you find that your mouth constantly feels dry try suck on a halls to create moisture. 3) Drink lots and lots of water. Don’t drink COLD water as it will cool down your vocal folds. Room temperature is perfect. Don’t add lemon either – keep it plain and natural! 4) Warm up physically and vocally – being properly warmed up makes a massive difference in helping to ground your audition and keep the nerves at bay. 5) Good preparation contributes in building confidence and assures that everything will actually be okay. Make sure you know your song and have made the appropriate cuts necessary to show off your voice. 6) Herbal remedies work for some people: rescue remedy drops and Biral are the most popular.  7) In case you missed the importance of point number one : BREATHE 8) Focus on being present in the moment, and not focus on the ”unknown future”. 9) Take a pair of earphones and listen to your favourite tunes to get some “happy” energy going whilst you are waiting for your turn. 10) Have a good steam in the morning of your audition. The more hydrated you feel, the better. 11) To keep vocal cords warm if there is a long waiting line, lip trill, and hum keep moving to keep body warm. 12) Try and dress up to look your absolute best. Looking the part helps you feel the part and contributes in helping you feel good about yourself. 13) TAKE A DEEP BREATH

Remember that those five minutes in that audition room are YOURS. Take the space, own it, and treat it as another incredible opportunity for you to be able to perform!

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