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Dropping the A*** Word

There are two words that vocal coaches use quite often and drop onto singers that needs a bit more explanation.

Acid Reflex. It’s something a trained coach can

hear when you sing through that bit of phlegm that keeps hanging around half way through your scales…as well as that dryness that just catches you every now and then. Its full name is LaryngoPharyngeal Reflux (LPR), and is one of the most common of ailments for singers. It’s known as the “silent reflux” because its symptoms are less obvious than that of the traditional type. The reflux makes the larynx red and swollen, essentially making the space around the chords dirty and inflamed. So how do we avoid it? There are medications available for chronic reflux, such as nexium and altosec (the generic) – however this requires a script by your GP. Things you can do at home are easier and inexpensive. DIET is everything! The following are LPR inducers: Alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, and fatty foods. All the good things right? But ultimately it’s about balance. Hydration and moderation together with good nutrition will impact and IMPROVE your singing!‪ #‎thevocalcoachsa‬ ‪#‎pushingthepassion‬

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