VocalCoachSA presents an exclusive 3-part online masterclass series that will teach you how to cross-train your voice and give you the tools needed to be as versatile in singing as possible.


Vocal Physiology and Wellness (2020 Edition):

Get to know your instrument INSIDE-OUT & from the bottom up, as well as the latest trends, research and treatments for vocal fatigue and injury prevention.

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Belting - The technique, the learning process, and how to become a master:

Why do you need it and how do you do it? Emphasis is placed on breaking down the belt.

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Musical Theatre and Contemporary Styles:

A detailed breakdown of contemporary commercial music genres with a specific look at what vocal techniques and stylisms are required to develop them.

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South African

R1500.00 (R300/hr)



  • All three masterclasses - totalling four and a half hours of class-time

  • Downloadable session notes

  • Full access to all Zoom recordings of the sessions

  • EXTRA: 30-minute private voice session with Cathrine Hopkins




South African




  • 90-minute masterclass of your choosing (You are welcome to do more than one session)

  • Full access to all Zoom recordings of the sessions

  • Downloadable session notes




South African




  • 24hr access to the recorded session



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Masterclass Information

Is this masterclass series for me?

As a singer, there is a unique demand placed on all of us. It is one that we should all be able to do but, due to the ever-changing techniques and new methodologies, it is difficult to achieve.

This demand is to be a VERSATILE singer.

Do you possess the vocal skills and techniques necessary to be able to audition for and perform in The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera and Rock of Ages? Can you afford to limit yourself to singing only one genre – legit/classical theatre for example? Are you proficient in adding and executing the necessary vocal stylisms required in different genres? The fact is, you need to be proficient in as many singing styles as possible in order to be employable and have longevity in your career.

How do I access the online content?

One you have purchased your desired package, we will send through your required passwords for the Student Portal. Here you will be able to watch the session and download the notes (full package/drop-in sessions).

Can I take this course as a beginner?

Absolutely! Whilst there is content that caters to professional singers, this course is a great way to learn and create a strong foundation in understanding how your instrument works. Because the voice is the only instrument you can’t actually see, understanding what your voice looks like and how it functions, as well all the possibilities it can achieve, is imperative to assist you to become a much better singer. These classes are also interactive so lots of questions are encouraged. Every singer started from scratch at some point in their lives – this community is compassionate and supportive – ideal for welcoming new students to this artform.

Is this course only for musical theatre singers, or can any kind of singer attend?

Whilst there are some mentions of musical theatre – this series really focuses on the Contemporary Commercial Music technique of the voice. CCM includes: pop, rock, country, R&B, jazz, and gospel.

I am a classical singer. How can this series help me?

This series if an ideal place to start if you are a classical singer looking to cross over into CCM singing. You will be guided, in detail, through the specific contrasts and then also be given the tools to be able to successfully, as Dr Kathryn Green says, “Bridge the Gap between classical and CCM singing.”

I am still in school, can I purchase this course?

Unfortunately, the series has a no under 16 years age restriction. The content is age appropriate, however the tone and discussion of the classes may not be appropriate for singers younger than 16.

I am a theatre/singing college student, would this be appropriate for me?

Absolutely! Information is everything. The field of vocal pedagogy in CCM is an incredibly grey area. Learning new terms and practices empowers you as a vocalist.

I am a voice teacher. What could I get from this series?

This is an ideal place for vocal coaches who perhaps haven’t been able to attend international courses, to see and learn what is happening in CCM pedagogy. If you are a classical teacher looking or needing to start teaching CCM – this series will help you become aware of the differences, with practical advice in how to start training in CCM styles.

I can't make a specific session time, can I still purchase a package?

Absolutely, all recordings will be loaded up into the student portal. Once you have purchased your specific package, a password will be sent to you and you can then watch the session in your own time.



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Daniel Geddes.png

Daniel Geddes

Cathrine is pretty much the next best thing in vocal training.  Her understanding is extensive, passion infectious, and teaching kind and safe.  If you want to grow your knowledge of your voice, this is for you.

Tanja Franzen.png

Tanja Franzsen

Cathrine has a brilliant way of explaining harder-to-grasp concepts in a way that makes it easier to embody and understand.  The masterclasses are fun and informative and the exercises are wonderful for all aspects of singing regardless of whether or not you're an amateur or professional and regardless of whether you do musical theatre or jazz or anything in between.

James Mc Phail .png

James McPhail

These masterclasses take you from zero to hero. They are incredibly designed to work all areas of the voice including all technical aspects: riffs, agility, belting, larynx positioning and so much more. After doing all those avant-garde vocal exercises /scales you'll feel like you can conquer any songs!  This course is definitely for all levels; this is an excellent place to start as this gives the most phenomenal foundation and for professionals, these masterclasses will iron out all those creases and it's a nice way to challenge yourself.


Carmen Pretorius

Cathrine is truly one of the top voice teachers in South Africa.  Her masterclasses are informative, practical, fun and will set you up for improvement from the get-go!


Sanli Jooste

Cathrine's knowledge of and passion for how the voice works is incredible, and the fact that she continuously trains and studies to keep up with the latest research and techniques makes her one of the best vocal coaches out there